I’m afraid in order to stay awesome I need to actually be awesome first… D:

But thank you, Anon! You made my day. :) (clearly my day is easily made, haha!) I hope you had/have/are having a nice day too. :D

Haha!! I’m just saying that pretty much everyone is watching/checking on Twitch Plays Pokemon. :P

Lalala~~ ♫♫
Are we singing the same song? :)

Hehe. No problem. :)
Hope you have an awesome morning/day/evening/night too! :D :D

To be honest I think Sunny is like the most friggen adorable thing in the entire world.
Yes I have a thing for cute things.
Like if you go to youtube and search the keywords “sunny aegyo” you have like all these videos which just make you want to crash tackle hug her and pinch her cheeks. :3
Other people might think Sunny is ugly or whatever but honestly I couldn’t care less. I mean people all have different tastes and opinions.
That’s what makes us all different and unique yes?
That goes for other things as well. Like SNSD in general.
As long as you have a reason to like them, who cares what other people think.
I mean I think SNSD is flawless and everyone in the world should love them.
But if they don’t, who cares. It just means less competition. ;)

As for the audition thing, I’ll admit I don’t know many of the details.
iirc she’s like the niece of the founder or something.
The way I see it, the founder was probably like “Hey, my niece is x age. Wanna see if she’ll do a good job?”
Besides Sunny was already in training for like 5 years anyway so obviously she wasn’t a complete amateur. According to wikipedia she was apparently recommended by a singer named “Ayumi” so yea.
Even if there wasn’t an audition I bet there was still a group committee involved in the decision.

As for not as good as the rest, I think even if she doesn’t have the best singing capabilities such as the Taetiseo members (I mean come on, it’s Taetiseo for a reason) I personally think Sunny’s voice is incredible and often stands out among the others, especially in songs like Trick.

Wow. I haven’t gotten one of these in a looooonnnggg time. :)
Thanks for making my day, Anon. :D

Um. I first got into SNSD cuz I saw their Gee music video and was like “Woah. These girls are really cute.”
And then like the song got stuck in my head so I youtubed the video again, and after watching it a few more times I was like “Wow. Who are these people? Why are they all so flawless?”
Then I started watching more of their videos and listening to more of their songs.
And like watching their dramas and tv shows and stuff.
I like tv shows cuz you get to see more of who they really are and not just like their face on stage. From then it’s like I started liking them simply because of who they are and not just cuz they have a pretty face. :3

Daww… I’ve spent a lot of time adding cool little easter eggs on my blog and I didn’t think anyone really noticed them, so thank you for noticing. :)
It really only involves an image in a fixed position, that links to an anchor at the top of the page called “top”.
After that I use two javascript plugins that make it look a little cooler.

The first one is called smoothscroll by kryogenix and it just makes the scrolling more nice and smooth (hence the name).
The second plugin I use is called jqueryrotate by wilq32. This plugin gives lots of functions to let you rotate images, to specific degrees/on mouseover etc.

So I have the image in a fixed position, make it spin one way on mouseover, and make it spin back the other way on mouseout. Then when the user clicks it, it will smoothscroll back to the top.

It might take a little reading but it’s not too difficult. :)
But you still might need to be a little techy/nerdy so if I didn’t make it clear enough feel free to spam my ask box. :P
Good luck. ^^

She is. We’re secretly married.
But it’s so secret, not even she knows. ;)

LOL! Funny story.
Saw this:

Song was catchy.
Found it amusing.
Realised it was a parody.
Went and found original.
Fell in love. ♥ :3

Yep. True story. ^^

Hmm… favourite song…
There’s too many to name!! XD
There’s My Child/Fairytale/Donghwa (whatever you want to call it), the HaHaHa Song, Snowy Wish, Baby Baby, Kissing You, Star Start Star, Etude, Let It Rain, Time Machine, Trick and the list goes on…
Sorry theres just too many to name. :P

But because you specifically said I could only choose one, I will have to be all cliche and stuff and choose Gee, more specifically the Korean version (original ftw).
Because it has a special place in my heart cuz it pretty much introduced me to this wonderful fandom in the first place. ^^

Overall, if you couldn’t already tell, I love their cute songs more than their sexy songs like Run Devil Run and Genie. :P
But hey. Anything that’s SNSD is awesome. :P
Although I find it really hard to like their Destiny song cuz it reminds me too much of the Macarena… o.O
And I can’t say I really like the Macarena… :S

yea i am. :P
how could you tell? XD

make a new layer and make that the top layer.
then put whatever watermark you want on that layer and select the unify options on the layers tab so that when you change something on one frame, it will carry over to all the other frames.
good luck. ^^