“The Boys” is such a horrible song and I can’t believe they not only promoted it in the first place but they’re now using it as their first American single. I hate to agree with ELFs on anything but they’re right about this: the only reason “The Boys” was successful is because it’s by SNSD….

Brought up lots of good points. I completely agree with you.
I like the Korean version a lot more than the English version. The only thing good about the English one, is I can sing it.
The English versions lyrics suck, to be honest. I don’t see why with each language translation, the lyrics needs to be completely different?
Like wow. I looked up the Korean lyrics translated and I must say, the Korean version dominates.

Also what annoys me is the part where it says “Girls’ Generation we [don’t] stop”.
And then the English version, they changed it to [won’t] stop…
Won’t and Don’t have the same syllables and sound exactly the same. What is with the unnecessary changes?

The Japanese lyrics aren’t much better, but anything is better than the English version.

But yea. I’m perfectly happy with the Korean version. English and Japanese… not so much.
I still like the album though, cuz there are still lots of songs I like, like Trick and Lazy Girl.

And I agree. The English lyrics are so bad, I too would be ashamed to be a sone.
Okay, that’s a lie. I could never be ashamed to be a sone. XD
Pretty glad, they sang the Korean version at the Sydney KPOP fest… shame I couldn’t be there. :’(

Also I kinda don’t want them to get big in the US cuz there more sones the more competition, lmao. :P
But that’s being selfish. XD

And I would love an English version of Gee. :P
As long as the lyrics aren’t as crap as The Boys


why is life so gay.

same situation. feel like crying. :’(
Like you have no idea how devastated I am atm. :(

"HUNDREDS of music fans flocked to Sydney Airport this morning to see their favourite Korean pop stars."

wish i was there. :S