50 shades of done with this semester

  • me in class: wait what happened
  • me in class: what do we do
  • me in class: what do we write
  • me in class: when's the test
  • me in class: what is this
  • me in class: how do you do this
  • me in class: what

My 999th post is a 9 line poem to congratulate the 9 girls’ whom over the past 5 years have captured the hearts of over 9000 people all around the world.

Doing poetry this semester so I thought it would be fitting to write a poem.
Corny, I know.

My Angel.
My Girls.
My Sunshine.

Happy 5th Anniversary!!

Right now, tomorrow, forever.
It’s Girls’ Generation.




Just letting it all out. Finals are pretty bad.

School and exams are just as bad. =.=’