I’m sorry didn’t get to wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday so I’ll do it now. :)

Dearest Tiffany,

You are actually one of the most incredible people in the world.
Your voice, your eye smiles, your laugh, your eye smiles, your silliness, your eye smiles, your aegyo, your eye smiles, your personality, your eye smiles, your existence.

And your amazing eye smiles…

I hope you had the most incredible birthday ever and that you will continue to have good health and amazing experiences with your 8 other sisters. :)

Much love,
Vince ^^

P.S. Sorry I couldn’t make you a facebook timeline cover for you in time for your birthday, but I promise I will definitely make one for you in the near future. ^^
P.P.S. Now for some Fany-spam. ;)

Regarding this challenge:

Guess who got one of these today? ;)
After weeks and weeks of searching I finally found a place where I could buy them.
There were actually a few shops but most of them were really expensive and seemed quite unreliable.
But finally I found a really good one, wooh!! ^^

I wanted Yoona’s one but hers is white… and I didn’t really want a white one.
So then I wanted Taeyeon’s one but they didn’t have a male version of it. :’(
In the end I got a Sunny one but Sunny is still one of the most amazing people in the entire world so it’s still super special awesome. :D :D

Mum peeling the skin off kiwi fruit for me.