taengoo, you are so cute. :3
i love your smile. :’)

♥Tiffany’s eye smile. :3

OT: Fany looks really nice with short hair. :)

Girls' Generation

HaHaHa - Girls’ Generation

If you fall seven times, laugh eight times.
Even if nothing is working out,
You can’t just worry about it.
Just stretch once and try again.

This song makes me happy. :)
Seriously guys, listen to it. Hopefully it will make you happy too. :D

I love Yoona so much. :’)
♥her alligator laugh.


♥ Yoona… :3

Yuri and Sunny - Invincible Youth

This is fricken amazing. :’)

There are too many awesome group pictures. So I have narrowed it down to the top two.

It’s either this one

Or this one

They’re so amazing. :3