I don’t know what she says, but there is just so much emotion behind her songs it just takes my breathe away.


The worst feeling is not having anyone there for comfort when you need it the most






This spoilt child refuses to share his toys with the other children, but will instead pick fights and steal toys from them. He uses these toys to gain friends outside of the nursery, saying that the children in the nursery don’t have any good toys to play with so they shouldn’t be friends with them.

For years these other nursery children just sat around, minding their own business, sometimes trying to get some of their toys back or convince the spoilt child to share so that they can all be friends.

Until one day, the quiet kid in the corner who has lots of friends and doesn’t mind sharing all his toys with the other children, gets up and kicks the spoilt child in the face and shares everything with everybody.

That quiet kid is Google.

do you ever do something really stupid and then you just sit there every night for weeks and think about how stupid it was


Me after finishing ichigo 100%.

  • Mom: Why are you doing that?
  • Me: Because SNSD did it.
  • Mom: So, if SNSD decided to-
  • Me: Yes.